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Questions & Answers

From experience, we know that you’ll be wondering about various aspects of your overseas wedding and we expect many of your initial questions to include the points we have highlighted here.
As each wedding we organise is treated as an individual request, please do not hesitate to ask us anything else you need to know.

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Will our marriage be legally recognised in the UK?

Yes, your wedding will be legally recognised in the UK.




Will we get an official marriage certificate?

Your wedding cost includes the issue of a copy of your marriage certificate translated in English. At some destinations, marriage certificates are not issued immediately after your wedding and may not be ready to take back with you before you return home, in which case we will forward the documents to you.



How soon do we need to book?

The notice is governed by how long it takes to process the paperwork at your nuptial resort - as this varies between destinations, specific information on when we need to receive your documentation is shown below:

  • Cyprus: at least 4 weeks notice prior to your wedding. Your stay must be a minimum of 7 nights.
  • Rhodes: at least 7 weeks notice prior to your wedding. Your stay must be a minimum of 7 nights.
  • Crete: at least 7 weeks notice prior to your wedding. Your stay must be a minimum of 7 nights.
  • Corfu: at least 8 weeks notice prior to your wedding. Your stay must be a minimum of 14 nights.
  • Skiathos: at least 6 weeks notice prior to your wedding. Your stay must be a minimum of 9 days.
  • Santorini: at least 6 weeks notice prior to your wedding. Your stay must be a minimum of 7 nights.
  • Halkidiki: at least 8 weeks notice prior to your wedding. Your stay must be a minimum of 14 nights .
  • Zante: at least 7 weeks notice prior to your wedding. Your stay must be a minimum of 7 nights.
  • Kefalonia: at least 7 weeks notice prior to your wedding. Your stay must be a minimum of 7 nights.
  • Thassos: at least 8 weeks notice prior to your wedding. Your stay must be a minimum of 7 nights.
  • Amorgos: at least 7 weeks notice prior to your wedding. Your stay must be a minimum of 7 nights.
  • Malta & Gozo: at least 10 weeks notice prior to your wedding but documents must not be dated any earlier than 12 weeks before
    your wedding date. Your stay must be a minimum of 7 nights.
  • Portugal: at least 7 weeks notice prior to your wedding. Your stay must be a minimum of 7 nights.
  • Croatia: at least 40 days notice prior to your wedding. Your stay must be a minimum of 7 nights.



Wedding deposit required at the time of booking


• For weddings in 2017, a non-refundable deposit of £350 must be paid by yourself to Planet Holidays at the time of booking.

• Some resorts may also require a non-refundable deposit of £100 to secure the registrar.

• We will also confirm to you if your wedding venue / hotel requires a non-refundable deposit to secure your wedding date.

• Most deposit required for resorts / venue / hotels need to be paid directly to the resort / venue in Euro.




What about all the required documentation?


There is a certain amount of paperwork involved and full details of what you must do and what we will do on your behalf are clearly shown on the 'Legal Requirements' page.




What name must be used for the booking of the bride-to-be?


As the name on the booking must coincide with the name shown on the passport, the bride-to-be will be booked under her maiden name for both journeys.



Can our length of stay be flexible?


With the range of scheduled flights available from Planet Holidays, you are not restricted to book a standard 7 or 14 nights stay. One thing you must comply with is the minimum length of stay officially required at each nuptial destination - specific details are shown above. Whilst weddings in various resorts can be organised during a 1 week’s stay, we highly recommend you book 2 weeks to allow yourselves time to relax between
the various visits to the registry office and the court.



Can we request a specific date and time for our wedding?


We shall discuss this with you at the time of enquiry/booking. Your request will be forwarded overseas and will be subject to availability of your chosen venue and of the person responsible to conduct your marriage.
Unlike other companies, we will be able to confirm the date of your wedding prior to departure (for weddings in Cyprus, time can also be confirmed). Please bear in mind that last minute re-scheduling may occur locally due to unforeseen circumstances.



Who will conduct our marriage ceremony?


Civil weddings are short ceremonies performed by a registrar or a mayor. Religious weddings/blessings last approximately 30 mins and are performed by a reverend, priest or minister. In Cyprus, Gozo & Antigua all weddings are conducted in English. In Greece, civil weddings are performed in English or in Greek, in which case the ceremony will be in the presence of an interpreter. Catholic Church weddings are usually in English. Prior to all religious weddings, you will have a chance to run through all aspects of the service, such as a special music request, poem, passage of the bible, etc, that you may wish to include.



Can friends and family attend our wedding?


Of course, and Planet Holidays can also easily take care of their holiday booking arrangements. Your guests’ travel date, length of stay and accommodation do not need to be the same as yours!



Do we need to organise ‘witnesses’ to attend our ceremony?


Two witnesses are necessary for all types of weddings, but if you do not have any guests attending your overseas wedding, our Wedding Co-ordinators at your resort will be honoured to act as your witnesses.



Can we change/cancel our wedding booking once it has been confirmed?


Should you need to change your wedding date, let us know immediately. If we are able to comply with your request, a £50 wedding amendment fee will apply. For any other changes you wish to make to your flights and accommodation booked with Planet Holidays - not affecting your wedding date - amendment charges as detailed in the current Planet Holidays brochures will apply.
Should you need to cancel your wedding, a minimum charge of £200 (your wedding deposit) will apply, up to 100% charges calculated as per the normal levels of charges detailed in Planet Holidays current brochures. Amendment/cancellation fees for other destinations will be confirmed at time of booking.



Do we need a special ‘wedding insurance’?


We strongly recommend that you take out a special ‘wedding insurance’. Please contact us for advice.



Can we choose any style of wedding outfit?


All couples have very personal views on their wedding outfits. Our best advice to you is to consider a comfortable attire suited to the climate of your nuptial destination. Light weight, natural fabrics are highly recommended and design styles favoured for overseas weddings tend to be more casual than for traditional British weddings.
When choosing your outfit, please bear in mind your chosen wedding venue - bermuda shorts simply won’t do if you have opted for a religious ceremony! Do contact us if you feel you need further advice.



How should we transport our wedding attire?


Check-out our ‘Wedding Dress Travel Case ’ suggestion - a perfect way to carry your wedding attire. Alternatively, you may pack your outfits in a hard suitcase that will be placed in the hold of the aircraft.
Usually, it will be considered part of your standard luggage allowance, although some airlines may agree
(upon prior request) to be more flexible with wedding couples. We can discuss this further with you once
your travel arrangements have been booked.


Can we arrange pressing and storing of our outfits on arrival?


Most hotels offer a pressing service which may take a few days, and a charge will usually apply. At some hotels, it may also be possible to store your wedding outfits and, if available, arrangements can be discussed on arrival.



Can we make an appointment with a hairdresser & beautician?


Many of the hotels we feature have excellent beauty salons and hairdressing facilities perfect for pre-nuptial preparations. Please discuss your requirements on arrival at your resort with your Overseas Wedding Co-ordinator who will be able to advise you locally..



Can we get separate rooms for the night prior to our wedding?


An overseas wedding does not mean having to put aside all traditional customs and separate rooms, subject to availability, can be requested on your behalf, at a supplement.

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